One-Day Sale! Howard's Birthday!

During my lifetime I expect February 29th to come round once every four years, which means I'll have far fewer birthdays than actual years of age. This year I'm turning 44 and celebrating my 11th birthday.

So let's have a sale using those numbers. We'll start with the 44.

Let's play with the 29.

We managed to work the 29 AND the 11 into that last one, but here's a whole pile of additional elevens for you.

  • The three books that are usually $15 (Under New Management, The Blackness Between, and Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance) are now $11 each.
  • Also, we've created the " Baggy Bundle " SOLD OUT   -- three grocery totes, a Maxim 35 badge holder, and a Tagon pin. It's also $11 instead of the $19 you'd pay in March.
  • To replace the sold out Baggy Bundle, we've got the "Mini Baggy Bundle" -- Two grocery totes, a Maxim 35 badge holder, and a Tagon pin. $9 (Note that this is the first time the badge holders have been available outside of a convention... they may disappear as I haul them to events in the next month or so.) 

Finally, we've put some stuff up on eBay. There's not much numerological significance to the pricing of those, but you should go look at them:

So... happy Leap-Day Sale to all of you, and Happy Birthday to me. I'm going to get two cavities filled, and then treat myself to a massage.