February 07, 2001

Someday, when I have much more time than I have right now, I'm going to create a page exclusively devoted to Fan Art. I've received a few pieces recently, and while the loxodontus africanus sapiens sculpture is still my favorite, I just got a more conventional piece that REEEALLY made my day.

D.J. Coffman, comic-book professional and KeenSpace comic-stripper, tried his hand at some of my characters. They don't look like they do when I draw them, but I think they are happier that way... D.J. really captured the spirit of the strip, and imbued the characters with a flavor I like a lot.

So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Go on and check out the picture he drew.

Oh, silly me. You're waiting for the link. Well, here it is. Now go on, git. Go look. And please don't ask me to start drawing like D.J. I've been trying for hours now and I still can't do it. *sigh*... back to the drawing board (poor metaphor choice... I give up now).