February 07, 2002

Ugh... it's been a busy week. Oh, and before my weekend gets here, the Olympics arrive forty miles to the north. The weirdness has already arrived, mind you, with the torch running all over town. My sister-in-law told me that strong winds in Idaho blew it out, but that they keep some backup flames burning in the support vehicles, so they got it re-lit just fine.

The City of Orem (that's my town) sponsored free donuts to the first 400 people to arrive to watch the torch pass the shopping mall. At 6am. These are WINTER olympics. I'm not sure how many leftover donuts they had... all I know is that as inspiring as the games are, I'm just not patriotic (olympiotic?) enough to stand in the cold for an hour so I can watch a fire go by from a distance at which it simply cannot de-numb the hands I can't feel but that I'm sure have frozen to this stupid donut.

I've heard that if I try to give any sort of olympic-related news on this site, the Salt Lake Olympic Committee will be on my hindquarters like crooked politicians on a bribe. I'm not knocking their right to make money off of the spectacle, mind you. It's accepted. You spend money to make money. Granted, the Olympics are NOT what I'd call a sound community investment (Sarajevo, anyone?), but I'll let those fine SLOC mercenaries earn their keep however they see fit.

I thought about re-titling this site "SLOC Mercenary" for a couple of weeks, but apparently there are legal concerns over that, too, and I'm afraid I just don't have enough hindquarters to go around (contrary to the opinion expressed by the fitness gurus at the company gym, who assure me that unless I get my fat butt in gear on the stairmaster, I'm gonna be buying two adjacent seats the next time I fly anywhere.)

Oh well. In the spirit of mercenarially dispensing trademarked goods, I have put a couple more pieces of Schlock art on the KeenSpot Auction Block.

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