February 09, 2004

More Errata

In Saturday's entry I said that the buffer was going to max out at the new high of 43 because of trips I was taking, coupled with the fact that I was now completely out of scripts upon which to draw. I neglected to take into account the fact that sometimes I can bang out a week's worth of scripts in an hour, and that's exactly what happened Saturday night.

(Now you know what I do with my Saturday nights.)

I hit a new high on Sunday, cranking the buffer up to a new record high of 44. I will state now, however, that the absolute highest it can go for the next 30 days is 47, and that's only if I crank four rows of Schlock Monday night, rather than spending time with my family. As of Wednesday I'm on the road for the better part of a week, and then I'm off to Dusseldorf for a week-long trip beginning on the 23rd.

The good news is that if I don't draw another thing until returning from the second trip, the buffer will bottom out at 23. Hopefully I can keep it above 30, though, because I travel again in March, and then twice more in April. And then once in May. And June. And lots in July, August, and September.

Looking at my calendar sometimes depresses me.

Fortunately, I just re-read the next four weeks of strips, and they made me happy again. You guys are coming up on what I believe to be some of my very best work as we wrap up this story. I hope you enjoy it.