February 14, 2001

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, but you can call me Ishmael.

(sigh) Never mind that. My name's Howard, like it says all over the rest of the site. I thought that maybe by lifting great opening lines from great literature I could somehow generate a great open letter, but let's face it... I've got absolutely nothing to say.

Well, strictly speaking that's not true. I've got lots of things to say. It's just that none of them seem appropriate for this little corner of the web. Things like "Honey, I found Luke Skywalker's lego hairpiece," or "Where's the Unisom?" Trivial stuff that interests you not a whit (unless you are a two-inch tall lego Luke Skywalker and want to cover the hideous rivet-mark in the top of your round, yellow head).

So rather than continuing to ramble in hopes that the spirit of James Joyce will channel my writing stream-of-consciousness style (I don't want that, come to think of it, because lots of his stuff was too dirty for a family-friendly web page like this one), I'll sign off.

Oh, and have a happy Valentines day. Even if there's nobody around for you to romance, smooch, or otherwise fawn over you can make the day count for something by being kind. Brotherly love stuff is great on February 14... remember the valentines you gave to BOTH genders back in 3rd grade? That kind of stuff. Random acts of kindness stuff. You'll feel better if you do. I promise.