February 19, 2001

Happy President's day (U.S. fans... I don't suppose anyone else would notice.) I've got the day off today, but that does not mean a vacation. I've got something like 6 strips in the queue for drawing, a dozen in line for flood-fills and uploads, and I get to begin my day at the crack of dawn to put out U.S. flags with my Scout troop.

The phrase "the crack of dawn" suggests to me that dawn is wearing some of those trendy, low-riding, you-only-THINK-they're-retro-I-grew-up-in-the-70's-and-know-better-you-punk bell bottoms, along with a shirt that won't stay tucked in back. Maybe dawn is a plumber.

I don't have cable OR antennae TV at my house, so the commercials you folks get to see in between brain-rotting episodes of whatever sitcom is currently popular end up giving me a wide miss. For the most part I'm okay with that. But every so often now I have to surf out to adcritic.com and see what I'm missing. Friday I saw this, and nearly ruined a good pair of pants laughing non-removable parts of me all the way off. It's a KFC ad, and it really takes me back. Back to when bell-bottoms were starting to be uncool, and you'd feel really stupid if you didn't pull your pants up.

Oh, wait. That's now. Never mind.