February 20, 2001

I guess now would be as good a time as any to report on the state of my diet. I'm up a pound (or so), but feeling much better. Basically, I had one good week of dieting during which I shed a few pounds of fat, and got lots of exercise. Then I got busy again, and stopped eating right. In fact, I began eating decidedly not-right. Not "wrong," per se... just sort of, well, "left."

Which is to say there is not much that I left uneaten.

I had lots of Nesquik, and last week my wife broke out the baking stone and made sourdough bread using some starter that we've had percolating for seven years. Mmmmm.... Sourdough bread. There's more in the oven as I type this. You cannot have any (unless you are one of maybe three or four people who read this comic and who also happen to have anytime access to my home. Hi honey!)

Anyway, this week at work I'm hosting a big, honkin' training, and we are having it catered. I'll be eating left all week, I expect.