February 20, 2004

Jason's Mini Cooper is loaded -- It's got power everything, leather interior, supercharger, six-speed stick, fancy-schmancy suspension, and something called the "John Cooper Tuning Kit" which apparently makes womens' apparel fall off as you drive by. Yeah, baby!

I've posted the picture as a sort of exorcism. Hopefully all of you will see and covet, and that will work some of that karma mojo or whatever that requires the universe to balance itself, removing all envy from me.

(The other possibility is that the potential energy of all that envy will spark, and Jason's car will get hit by lightning, but I'm not holding my breath.)

While we're coveting, I thought I should let you know that my birthday is coming. It only comes once every four years, so this February 29th will be the very first time Schlock readers may wish me a happy birthday on my actual birthday.

There's no need to buy me gifts. Just think me some happy thoughts a week from Sunday, and then tell every living human being you know that they should be reading Schlock Mercenary.

And while we're on the subject of the comic, I had a lull there for a few days whilst travelling, but the buffer's up around 37 after an evening of drawing. I'm hoping to break 40 again over the weekend, and then it's off to Germany with me. Sadly, on this trip I won't be able to meet with Schlockers. My calendar has been completely filled with day-job stuff. Maybe next time...