February 21, 2005


The "Life, The Universe, and Everything" symposium was a blast. My convention report can be found embedded in my Live Journal. For historical convenience, I'm linking to the appropriate pages here. These links will spawn a new window, again, for your convenience:
Day Zero: LARPing with Jerry Pournelle
Day One: Best. Quote. Ever.
Sandra's take on the Best Quote Ever
Day Two: The Schlock Mercenary Sermon
Day Two: Other Bits
Day Three

While at the convention I did quite a bit of free sketching. It was free for two reasons: 1) students are poor. 2) The BYU Bookstore staff was Right Over There watching me to make sure I sold NOTHING. 3) I'm not very good at math.

Sandra tells me that I need to get better at math, and go to conventions where people can afford to pay me $10 for 15 minutes of slapdashery. Thus I tell YOU... if you're going to be at one of the events below (excepting BrainShare, where I'm not allowed to take money) don't expect to get marker art for free. Pencil sketches, yes. Inked sketches? Maybe. Marker art? Pay up, sucka.

That said, I've posted photos of some of the marker art I did at LTUE in the Schlocktroops Live Journal Community. By the numbers, one, two, three, four, five.

2005 Convention and Appearance Schedule

March 22: BrainShare 2005 (at the GWAVA booth), Salt Lake City, UT
April 22-24: Penguicon 3.0, Novi Michigan
May 27-29: CONduit XV, Salt Lake City, UT
July 13-17: Comic-Con 2005, San Diego, CA. (tentative... this one's pricey)
August: Fandemonium 2005, Boise, ID. (tentative)
October 8-9: Revoluticon, Asheville, NC
October 14-16: Linucon 2.0, Austin, TX. (tentative)

Are you interested in having me come to your city? Your convention? Your HOUSE? Pay my way and pay my stay, and we can make it happen. The BEST way is to convince the convention organizers that I'm worthy of "GoH" status, but there are alternatives. Email me if you've got an event in mind.