February 22, 2004

MIDI gear gathering dust... a Yamaha V-50, a pair of computer/MIDI interfaces for the Mac I no longer own, a Proteus 1, a dual cassette deck, a DAT machine, a 16-channel mixer, a Roland U220, and a Yamaha TG-77. I think there's a five-port mini-hub, too. How'd THAT get in there?

Not pictured... a whole pile of Ultimate Support studio rack tubing, four boxes of assorted cables, a travelling case with a Mackie CR1604 mixer and Sabine FBX feedback eliminator, and two mucking great spools of two-inch tape.

The good news is that there's a university nearby full of impoverished music students, some of whom may want to take this crap off of my hands. Then I'll have room on these shelves for other important stuff I'm saving and must have access to... like my collection of old cans of spray paint.