February 26, 2002

Before I get into the topic proper, let me say thanks to all those who read my WMA rant (I wasn't really ranting, was I?) and sent me helpful links to free codecs, rippers, DLL files, and the like. The rich irony here is that I'm too busy (read that "lazy" -- it almost rhymes) to re-rip my collection just now, so I continue to draw and color to music that has been compressed at 160 bps in WMA format. Ah, the honey-fresh smell of hypocrisy. And I'm having no-bean chili... go figure.

Where were we? Oh yes. "Plugging aweigh." See, it's a pun. I've been working out, and I'm in better shape than I've been in for a while. This May we'll do another cholesterol contest, and hopefully this time I'll win.

I've also been plugging away at the buffer, and am pleased to announce that whatever mystical, evil force it was that kept me from getting more than three weeks ahead has been banished to the fiery pots of doom (wherein my chili was made... this may explain something) and as of this writing I've got twenty-seven days of strips drawn. The current storyline (about which more than a few of you are whining worrisomely over--something about it being too tense) has been rendered to its cunningly twisty climax, and I'm scripting my way into April, where, if we're lucky, Admiral Breya may make an appearance. (She's long overdue. I figured I'd have her back aboard in December, but she got pretty involved in her current project.)

And while we're on the subject of plugging, some of you have been doing me proud and plugging Schlock Mercenary. I feel obligated, therefore, to single some of you out, and plug your respective sites and works in return. Let's start with the appearance of Schlock in a very disturbing little comic called Mental Health, penned (umm... no pens. Looks like mouse-work) by something calling itself a "Boo Bing." Ah, the handles we select for ourselves. At least it's better than "Picabo."

A rather more wordy plug comes from the editors at RPG News. Schlock is the comic of the week over there, and I'm quite happy with all the kind things they had to say. Especially the bit about "don't let the somewhat crude artwork put you off." That saves SO much time for me. I practically fall all over new readers telling them to just squint, or stand really far away from the monitor until they reach a point in the archives like July of 2001 (or perhaps 2004... *sigh*).

Finally, some die-hard fan plugs Schlock regularly in forum posts. This thread brings me joy. I suspect there's a similar thread buried in the secret forums of members-only land at Mytharria, but I'm too honest to register for what looks like a seriously involving online RPG just for a chance to see what someone said about me.