Fifty states, represent!

Sandra had fun sorting the mailing list this evening. She sorted it by US State, and did a quick check to see whether all 50 states were represented. They were NOT. I'm very disappointed. Forty-nine of the great States of this Union are called home to Schlockers who are ordering books. One state, however, has exactly ZERO books coming to it. Not a single inhabitant of that bleak wasteland known to outsiders as "South Dakota" (and to tourists as "are we still on I-90?") ordered a copy of Schlock Mercenary: Under New Management. I'm especially disappointed since I lived in South Dakota for eight months. I won't trouble you with a full statistical breakout. Know, however, that the great State of California showed me the most lovin', closely followed by Texas and Washington. According to Sandra's spreadsheet, we will be shipping exactly 1,600 packages containing 1,884 books to 27 countries including the United States. Outside of the United States the leader in book orders is Canada, followed by Australia. Books are supposed to arrive at my house this Monday. I am very anxious for you people to have them. Maybe anxious is the wrong word. I'm excited. It's like Christmas, and I get to be Santa. And South Dakota has no good little girls or boys. NONE.