Find Me and Tracy Hickman at GenCon Indy

GenCon is pretty big. Not quite Comic-Con big, but big enough to get lost in. We don't want you to get lost. We want you to come to Booth 1921, directly west of the WoTC pavilion, so you can pick up your copy of Quest for the Tavern, a brand-new adventure module by Tracy and Curtis Hickman, which I illustrated. With that in mind, here is a map. This is just a crop, though. Click on it and it will take you to a bigger map! You've found us! Huzzah! What else can you buy from us at GenCon? We'll have plenty of Schlock books on hand (all of 'em, including boxed sets) as well as stickers, magnets, and t-shirts. Oh, and the miniatures, which I mentioned yesterday! We've even made hard-copies of the The Strohl Munitions Plasma Cannon Safety Activity Book. We'll have Writing Excuses CDs, and of course we'll have copies of XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery which you can get signed by Tracy Hickman and sketched in by me. Describe your RPG character, and I shall do my best to render a bust in Sharpie. I will draw on anything you buy from us. I will also draw on Schlock books or XDM books that you bring with you. Time permitting, I'll do some free sketches. I'll also have the last 30 of the Series One Schlock Mercenary sketch cards, which I will lovingly illustrate in full color while you wait. Those will be priced at $30 for this show - a 40% discount! But you can't get any of that at GenCon if you can't find us. Booth 1921, right across from WoTC. I MADE A MAP FOR YOU.