Focus, Howard. FOCUS!

I'm still not supposed to be paying attention to book sales. That's Sandra's job. But I'm watching the orders come in nonetheless. I'm also noticing something I hadn't really thought much about -- some of you are talking about the book in your own blogs. Which brings me to my point: I need to put up a "reciprocal link" post where I say thanks to everybody out there who plugs the Schlock book from their website, blog, or whatever. So... email me links if you see 'em, and I'll put something together over the weekend. (I know about Fleen, Comixpedia, Partially Clips, Evil Inc., and of course Steve Jackson's Illuminator plug already. And my cousin's plugs in several places. If he weren't my cousin I'd be worried that he's trying to become my Number One Fan.) Focus, Howard. Focus... there's still cartooning to be done.