Following Worldcon from home

Howard and I will be leaving for Worldcon tomorrow.  After that Howard spends a week at GenCon.  The result is that he will not have much time for blogging here.  Howard intends to micro-blog using twitter, so if you want the very latest info, please check his twitter feed or facebook page.  I will be attempting to post Schlock related convention highlights here on this blog.  My more personal thoughts will go on my blog.  If all of that is not enough convention coverage for you.  You should head over to  They've got a good dozen excellent bloggers who will all be posting about Worldcon.  You will be able to get a non-Tayler-eye view of some of the events, including the announcements of Hugo winners almost as soon as they are announced. Still need more cool stuff on the web?  Run on over to  The first of three fun video commercials is up.  The other two will be posted at intervals between now and GenCon.  There is also a link to a really cool online card trick you can use to amaze your friends.