For the faint of heart, Archive Binge

It may not be the best solution, but it is certainly a good solution. Oh, wait. You still don't know the problem. This is because if you're reading this you likely don't HAVE the problem. The problem is that people who are going to love Schlock Mercenary look at the depth of the archives (3380 strips and counting) and balk. They can't afford to lose entire days of their lives all in one stretch. They are tempted, perhaps sorely, but they are the faint of heart. You, though. You read the whole thing. Some of you did this very recently, and have the scars to prove it. A very few of you are in withdrawal right now, having only just reduced your Schlock intake to but a single strip per day. Well... Archive Binge promises to solve this problem. The faint of heart can set up an RSS feed that will carefully parcel Schlock Mercenary out to them a few strips per day. I recommend seven. In that way the archives can be savored over seventeen or eighteen months. I don't recommend one strip per day. Nobody is catching up with me that way until I die, and even then it'll take nine years and change to close the gap. So... Archive Binge. You will need to register, but it's free, and spam-free. It's cheaper than buying Schlock Mercenary books, and less likely to get you fired than grinding through nine years of comics on a slow Thursday (and Friday, and the following Monday) at the office. And don't worry about lost revenue on my part. Once the faint of heart are hooked on the comic, they'll go ahead and start buying the books. We'll be able to afford to replace the dishwasher any day now.