Force Multiplication Pre-orders are Open

You may now begin preordering Force Multiplication: Schlock Mercenary Book 12. Here are some links for clicking!

  • $20.00: Force Multiplication, signed
  • $30.00: Force Multiplication sketch edition, signed and numbered

Do you need more than just one Schlock Mercenary book? We have a bundle for you that shaves $50 off the cover price.

  • $190.00: Books 1-12, all signed
  • $200.00: Books 1-12, all signed, and Force Multiplication is a numbered sketch edition

Sketch editions are limited, and typically sell out within about a week. You should place your order quickly if you want to get one of those. 

The bonus story, "Risk Assessment," written by Sandra Tayler, and illustrated by Natalie Barahona, is my favorite bonus story to date. I handled voice- and continuity-editing, and did all the art direction. Sandra and Natalie really stepped up and delivered. 

Force Multiplication is the first of the Act III stories in the grand mega-story of Schlock Mercenary. I'm really pleased with the new cover design, which we'll be using for books thirteen through eighteen, which is good, because that's a lot of books. 

It's kind of surreal for me to look at sentences like the one at the end of that paragraph, and realize that we have a dozen books in print.