I'm forty-five today. I'll also be forty-five tomorrow, and in a system where we round down until the very last possible minute, I will remain forty-five until the end of February 2014, absent leap-days notwithstanding. 

I celebrated the final day of 44 with a trip to the DMV, nicely bookending the entire year, which I began on February 29th of 2012 by getting cavities filled. Continuing the metaphor, I'd have to say that 44 was a great shelf of books with deliberately ugly bookends, like maybe gargoyles.

Gearoid Malloy of the UK sent me this picture yesterday via Facebook.

It's a great piece of fan-art, and a delightful gift. Thank you, Mr. Malloy!

Today's celebrations include editing 8,000 words of full-metal fantasy adventure, a movie, inking some comics, and a trip out for sushi with my brothers, my eldest, and my newly-minted 10-year-old son (with whom I share my birthday three years out of four.) I'd better get on that list.

The Kickstarter continues to kick, and I've started what I hope is a regular practice among Kickstarter project creators -- every day I post an "accountability update" in the comments section. Maybe I'm being old-fashioned, but I think that if you fine folks overfund my project by 4,369% and throw nearly $80,000 in pledges at me, you deserve to see how I'm spending my time. That seems fair, right?

Okay, I've got 8,000 words to edit. This blogging thing has taken too much time already...