Free Shipping Anywhere on the Planet

The Teraport WarsWe're having a sale at the Schlock Mercenary store. If you spend $100 with us we'll ship your stuff to you at no charge, no matter where in the world you are.

Many of you residing in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand have justly complained about the high shipping costs. Until now we've had no way to address this, short of losing money. But now, with five books in inventory, along with magnets, pins, shirts, and posters, we can go out on a limb and cut into our profits a bit.

Schlock Mercenary Warning Sign MagnetsHow do you want to spend $100? Well... the first four Schlock Mercenary books come to $80. Add the full set of Warning Sign magnets for $20 and you've got yourself a fanboy (or fangirl) dream-package, and we'll ship it to you for free.

Hold On To Your Horses, by Sandra Tayler, illus. by Angela CallChief among the wonderful things you can buy is Hold On To Your Horses, by Sandra "Not Just The Cartoonist's Wife" Tayler and Angela Call. This lavishly illustrated book will make a delightful holiday gift for that small, hyperactive, pony-loving person in your life. Niece? Cousin? Daughter? Impulse-control issues? Book her.

We've accumulated a few scratch-and-dent Schlock books as well. These are going for roughly 1/3 off. $10 for the $15 books, and $18 for the $25 books. They're in exceedingly short supply, though (less than 20 of each.)

Writing Excuses Season One on CDFinally, we've got Writing Excuses CDs for you. Just $10 gets you the complete first season, nine hours of DRM-free podcasts on writing, plotting, editing, re-writing, and letting your characters run away with your story. There's a lot of bonus material as well, including three essays, an entire book, and a pile of desktop wallpapers.

Supplies for this sale are slightly limited. We only have 150 magnet sets left, and once we're out we're not going to be able to get more before the holidays are upon us. We have a mere 100 Writing Excuses CDs on the way, but if we run out I think we can get more quickly. Oh, and we're also down to our last 800 copies of Under New Management, though I doubt we'll sell out.

Feel free to prove me wrong, though. You maniacs.

We're running this sale through December 31st. If you want things in time for Christmas, and they need to cross an ocean to get to you, you should place your order by November 24th.