Free Sketches! Saturday at Dragons Keep!

FCBD logoThis Saturday is the Seventh Annual Free Comic Book Day, and I'll be at Dragons Keep in Provo, UT with several other creators including my good friends Dave Stanworth and Kevin Wasden. Also there: Chad Hardin, Mandy McMurray, and JJ Harrison.

I'll have a stack of paper in front of me, and will cheerfully whip out free sketches of Schlock characters (read: "easy stuff.") I'll also be sketching in the backs of your Schlock books -- we'll have plenty of Tubs, Unders, and Blacknesses on hand -- the books won't be free, but the sketches will be.

You might be able to talk me into doing something more complex, including perhaps a light-weight commission in color, but you'll probably need to wave some money under my nose to get the really good stuff. Oh, and as long as you're waving money around, I shall make sure the store has plenty of Rule 1 T-shirts, and I'll even bring some Rule 37 posters and Tagon Logo pins along for good measure.

I'll have the Bonus Story from The Teraport Wars in black-and-white line art available for perusal... if you're inclined to spoil things for yourself by reading it months ahead of when the book will actually be available.

(Not in Utah this weekend. I understand. So very few of us are... Maybe NEXT weekend you'll be in Arizona, because I'll be at Leprecon!)