Friday's Lecture Will Be Streamed

My noon lecture at Utah Valley University will be streamed, or so I am told. Talent? Who Needs Talent? -- The Howard Tayler Lecture at Utah Valley UniversityMy topic, which I've carefully researched, is "Talent? Who Needs Talent?" I have even gone so far as to create a slide deck. Because you know it's not a proper 21st-century lecture without slides. Again with the details: it's this Friday, January 30th at noon Mountain time. There is a Howard Tayler Lecture Event Page over on Facebook, and if you're looking for the stream I'm told it will be available at I'm also told they will archive it for later viewing. If you're planning on attending in person, you may need this map to get you to The University Library (#29 on the map.) I'm not sure where you should park. Will my dynamic, interactive style of presenting come across in the video? I have no idea. I'd love it if there were reaction shots of the audience thrown in there, but only if they're shots that show the people who are reacting, rather than that loner in the back of the room snoozing in front of his laptop. It's a college crowd, and it's my first time speaking there. We'll see what happens. This will be the first time I've taken this particular show on the road, so to speak, so I'm actually a little nervous. Which anecdotes do I share? Which questions do I ask the audience? Which questions will they ask me? There's no way of knowing. I'll just have to make sure I arrive well-armed... figuratively speaking of course.