From the Cartoonist's wife

Howard departed for comic con on Monday morning. According to telephone reports, he had a wonderful time relaxing with fans in Vegas. Then yesterday he drove to San Diego and worked setting up a booth display until he was ready to drop. When I talked to him last night he was both exhausted and discouraged. Things will probably be better today, but he won't relax until he's sure that we've brought in enough money to cover expenses. He won't be happy until we've made enough money that I'll allow him to spend some of it at the New Rock Boots store in Vegas on the way home. Howard's beloved first pair of New Rock boots recently broke in a way that can't be fixed. These boots have been, and will continue to be mourned, although he assures me that buying a new pair would greatly alleviate the grief. So if you're at Comic Con stop by Howard's booth #1330 and buy a pin or a ribbon or a book to contribute to Howard's Boot Fund. If you are not at Comic Con, you can buy a book at our online store. If you haven't already purchased the hilarious Schlock Mercenary Strohl Munitions Plasma Cannon Safety Activity Book, that will also help. If you have something that you would like to advertise to 35,000 Schlock fans, you can bid on the Project Wonderful advertising box to the right. Simply click the link below the ad to get started. We also have three auctions running on ebay this week. I've selected three pieces of marker art that were created as bonus materials for Under New Management. We're selling images of Jevee, Breya, and Kevyn. Just click the names to see the auctions and bid. Buy because you want the Schlock, or do it for the boots.