Fruits of One Night's Painting

Okay, I'm awake again.

Last night at 10pm I felt a little bit like I was already coming off of an all-nighter, when the truth of the matter was that I was about to start one. From 10pm until 5am I painted miniatures with fellow fig-painting hobbyists Ryan, Jason, Joseph, James, Derek, Robby, and Dan.

It wasn't a contest. We were just sharing techniques and keeping each other company with good* conversation. My project was kind of ambitious. I hoped to get my Circle Orboros Celestial Fulcrum painted to the point that it could be completely assembled.

I didn't even get close, but I did achieve proof-of-concept on my color scheme. Instead of the brown rocks in the studio version, I wanted cracked obsidian over the roiling, molten heart of the world (I may have touched up the prose in my concept piece too.) I also wanted each of the orrery's orbs to have a different color, since each of them represents a different magical weapon.

Bigger (and more!) photos are available for your admiration here.

We determined that the reason what is obviously a magical orrery is not CALLED an orrery is because it belongs to the Circle Orboros faction, and saying "Circle Orboros Celestial Orrery" is a like trying to imitate a junkyard dog with a mouth full of marshmallows. 

I digress.

The painting was great fun, and the company was awesome. I provided some chicken wings to thank Jeremy S. for staying up all night and hosting the event at Dragon's Keep, but he deserves some public accolades as well. Also, today is his birthday.

(*For "silly" values of "good.")