Frying Cheese for Fun and Profit

A month ago I promised you all that we'd find a permanent home for my notes about the chupaqueso, that delicious, nutritious, low-carb, high-tech package of pan-fried dairy goodness. Well, the doors are now open at You can find the original recipe there, as well as all of my recent blogging about cheese. Some of you have emailed me to ask "what was that one place you told us about that makes the farmer-whatsit cheeses?" Well, that information is there too, as is a list of Cheeses I Have In My House Right Now. Jay Maynard is taking care of the hosting on this, and he and I will be splitting the ad revenue. Jay and I have run two hands-on chupaqueso workshops together, and he tells me he'll be putting up a tutorial, complete with photographs. I may have invented the chupaqueso, but Jay perfected it. Now it's remotely possible that we'll run out of chupaqueso-specific or even CHEESE-specific things to blog about. That's okay. We've both been asked repeatedly for "geek recipes," and I'm sure we'll have more than a few out there. Most of them will involve frying things, and perhaps even DEEP frying them. Just give us some time, folks. Just give us some time. I realize that many, many popular blogs these days have political undertones. We'll try to stay away from that, but it may become necessary to unload a few rounds of invective in the direction of lobbyists, activists, and assorted wackos who would oppose us in our quest to eat things made by, from, and without the consent of animals. We'll try to keep the collateral damage to a minimum. Until then, though, I'd like to quote a fellow cartoonist, Doc Nickel... "vegetables are what food eats."