Full Plate Progress Report

In the last two weeks I've succeeded in doing almost exactly four weeks of work. Which is nice, because I love my job enough that getting to do extra work each week is like getting to have the job for longer. But I haven't seemed to be physically able to achieve the desired pace for more than a day or two at a time.

But here's what I've done: I've added two weeks to the buffer, and I've scripted about 25% of the Emperor Pius Dei Bonus Story. And in two and a half days last week I managed to knock down two weeks of comics, start-to-finish. That's the pace I need to maintain. Sadly, the following day I crashed. Happily, I spent the crash time with my family. 

But I was sick, too. I've since managed to kick the bronchitis with the help of antibiotics, and now that the buffer is caught up, my free cycles go towards the Bonus Story. The outline is a good one, the scripts are hanging together well, but I haven't drawn the first picture yet so I can't really speak to how it looks.

In my head it looks AWESOME.

Sometimes I wish I could just stick my head in the scanner. Wacom, I have a product idea for you...