Coming to Gen Con Indy

I'll be at Gen Con Indy next week, and I'm going to have some fun stuff with me. I'll also have some brand new stuff. All of these things will appear in the store eventually, but they're debuting in Indianapolis:

Dice! I only have 100 of these Tagon-logo six-sided dice ("d6" to those in the know.) They're black with gold pips and an engraved gold Tagon logo in place of the six. Why the six? Because in military parlance the commander is usually "six." It was too perfect to not do. 

Yes, I expect to sell out of these very quickly. I wish we could have done a larger run, but small runs were all the manufacturer could queue up before GenCon. For the first couple of days we'll limit them to two per customer to spread the joy as far as possible. If there are any left on Saturday we'll throw the doors wide. They're $2.00 each.

Writing Excuses! We've compiled the first five seasons of this Hugo-nominated podcast for writers onto a single DVD-ROM. You're getting over forty-five hours of audio MP3s, plus some bonus episodes, the blog posts, and even the transcripts for just $40.00.

If you're an aspiring writer, Writing Excuses is the education your local University can't (or won't) provide. Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and I devote each fast-paced, 15-minute 'cast to a single principle of writing genre fiction, and for many of the 'casts we interview industry guests.

Grocery bags! If you've ever pshaw'ed reusable grocery bags as too newfangled, it's probably because you've never had the right one. This is the right one. We'll be giving them out free with large purchases, and selling them one-per-customer for $6.00 (But probably not until Saturday, since we only have 250 of them and don't want to run out of bags for people to put their book bundles in.)

I'm sharing the booth with Tracy Hickman and Jim Zub, so we'll have Schlock books, XDM books, Drakis books, Skullkicker books and much more at our booth -- plenty of things for you to fill your shopping bag with. And yes, any XDM or Schlock book you buy from us at Gen Con will be signed and sketched in at your request. 

I'll post a map to our booth along with our respective schedules as we get closer to the event.

Administrivia: I finally got around to blogging some movie reviews for you -- Cowboys & Aliens, Captain America, and Harry Potter 7.2. The reviews all went up yesterday.