Get Thee To A Gamery

Here's the call to action: Head down to your friendly local game store -- you know, the place that sells D&D books, Pokémon cards, and tiny toy soldiers -- and ask them to get some Schlock for you. The Tub of Happiness is now available to them via Alliance Distribution. While you're there, ask for XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery as well. Oh, and see if they've gotten any of the super-cool (and absolutely free) XDM Fortune Cookie Magic postcards. The best part of this deal is that these products are now available to you with no shipping cost attached. If you're not living in the United States, shipping often costs you more than the our books do. NOT ANYMORE. XDM and The Tub of Happiness are available now. The next four Schlock books will become available in chronological order over the next three or four months. While it's true that Sandra and I (and Tracy and Curtis) make a lot more money if you buy direct from us, we recognize the burden that shipping places upon you, the customer. We don't mind hacking into our profit margins if it means we can put books in a few more good homes. So don't worry about us. Just shop wherever it's most convenient for you.