Getting Out From Under a Weak Title

In March of 2004 when I first started work on the strips that are going into the upcoming book I decided the book should be called "Out From Under New Management." I was planning to get Xinchub sold into slavery, and get the Toughs into Petey's employ, and the title seemed to fit. I realized years later that "Out From Under New Management" and "Under New Management" were fairly likely to confuse people, so I shortened the title to "Out From Under." As you may know I've been recoloring the strips that comprise this book, and re-reading them in the process. A new, stronger title leapt out at me. Unlike the old title, it is a phrase that appears in the book at least twice. The new title is Schlock Mercenary: The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance, and the recoloring project is 85% complete. I should have the book sent to the printer by the end of February, which is only three months after I wanted to. Pre-orders should open sometime in March or April.