Go Get The Government You Deserve

It has been said that in a democracy the voters get the government they deserve. Ah, aphorisms. So touching, so simplistic... Still, if you want something to happen, vote for it. If you want something to not happen, vote against it. Vote your conscience. Vote your inspiration. Vote your ideals. Vote your hopes, your dreams, and your passions. Don't let the big picture scare you. Act locally, and vote for wise people with integrity on your city and county councils. Vote courageously. Vote out of the love for your neighbors, community, and nation, not out of the fear nor hate you've been shown in campaign ads. And don't forget that you're voting for people, rather than those aggregate monsters of compromise we call "parties." Yes, this timely public service announcement mostly applies to citizens of these great United States of America. Netizens from other great nations looking for something positive to do today need look no further than the button under Tuesday's strip. Because you know that donating to your favorite webcomic is also a vote of sorts. You're saying "keep on doing it," and rest assured, I will. I'm not sure you're going to get the comic you deserve (because someone as generous, wise, and tasteful as yourself must be very, very deserving), but I'll keep working hard to make it the best comic I can. Just as soon as I'm done voting.