Good Customer Service Pays For Itself

When Sandra and I decided to sell books online we also decided to provide the best customer service we could. This means that if your book shows up damaged, or not at all, or if there's anything at all wrong with your order, we'll make it right. We've sent out a lot of replacement books, but we don't worry about the cost, because we know that it would be far more expensive to lose a the trust of our readers and friends. 144 of 888, Der Trihs in a JarA while back a sketch edition for The Blackness Between got bent in the mail, and we sent out a replacement when we heard about it. The customer in question objected at first, saying that the book could be easily bent back -- it just needed time to sit under a large-print edition of the Physicians Desk Reference. Well, it sat, pressing, and today I'm told it's good as new. So now there's this happy Schlocker out there with TWO sketch editions, but who paid for only one. Said Schlocker is so happy he's decided to auction off the extra book and donate the proceeds to me. I figure most of you who want sketch editions already have 'em, but just in case you don't, here's a chance to get one. If you're running a business of your own (or managing a business for somebody else) the lesson here is clear: good customer service pays for itself, one way or another.