Grindstone Faceplant

Thank you. Pre-orders have been brisk. At last count we'd sold through more than 10% of the inventory that will be arriving, which ain't bad for 48 hours of sales. Sandra and I are not yet socking money away towards retirement, but we have broken even on the print run. You can still pre-order your book, and you have to be pre-ordering it if you want it autographed, because once we open up for regular orders in May, all copies will be unsigned. (Okay, I suppose that if you want a pristine, unsigned copy, and don't want to have it until a week or more after all the pre-ordered copies have arrived with your friends and neighbors, your strategy of holding off and not buying it yet is a sound one.) This is probably the last you'll hear from me on the subject for a few days though. All this book stuff has been distracting me from the work at hand... the buffer has dropped to a shameful THREE (Sunday's comic has been pencilled, but not inked nor colored) and I'm told there are typos and misspellings in recent strips that I really ought to take care of. Last night as Sandra and I reviewed the activities for the next day, she pointed out to me that I need to stop being distracted by book stuff and get back to work. Wise lady. She went so far as to threaten to post something in here along the lines of "I've stapled Howard to his drawing table until further notice." I'm not sure where the staples would go, but as you're probably aware I have a rich imagination... I'll get back to work. You folks just keep buying books. Daddy needs a new pair of staple removers.