Grindstone Report

Well... I'm not grinding as hard as I'd like to be. Partly this is because I've allowed myself to be distracted by the huge pile of unanswered email sitting in my in-box. If you've mailed me anything in the last month or two and not heard back, I'm sorry. I've fired a few responses back today, but the rest of the stack will have to wait. Also waiting... commissions. Many of you have asked whether I can do commission pieces for you for actual money. The answer, until further notice, is "only at conventions." This frustrates me as much as it does you, I'm sure. Some of the stuff you people want me to draw really strikes my fancy, but I already have too much on my plate. The plate... I need to whip out about a month of strips in about two weeks. It's perfectly do-able, but I've had a rough start of it. Right now the buffer stands at four. Two weeks from now it needs to be back around 20. Pre-orders are still open, and will be until May 4th. After May 4th you won't be able to order the book AT ALL until all pre-orders have been shipped. So... order soon. It's possible that regular ordering might not open back up until after CONduit, around May 29th.