Group Effort on the Auction Block

It's a good thing I was alone in my office at the time, because when Melissa M. Smith emailed me pictures of her plastiline sculpture of Sergeant Schlock on a quarter, I went "SQUEEEE!" It was perfect! Schlock Miniature sculpted by Melissa Smith, unpainted She showed up at the Keep a couple of months later to show it to me in person, and I pointed out that Drew Olds (the guy who taught me how to paint minis) had some liquid latex that would work for pouring a mold, as well as some resin that would work for casting. We cast exactly three of the things. The first went to Drew, the second to Melissa, and the third to me. You're looking at the one Drew painted. The one Melissa painted is in the glass cabinet at Dragon's Keep. Mine is unpainted, and I think I've misplaced it. That's okay... by the third casting the mold was already starting to tear. Janci Patterson (now Olds, congratulations you two!) took pictures of Drew's paint job, and the piece appeared in Schlock Mercenary: The Tub of Happiness. Schlock Miniature sculpted by Melissa Smith, painted by Drew Olds Now that group effort is up for auction. Drew, Melissa, and I are splitting the proceeds three ways, with the rounded penny going to Drew. If you like having other people paint things for you, I cannot personally recommend anybody as highly as I can recommend Drew Olds. Have a look at his stuff over at Garden Ninja Painting Studio ( you'll see what I mean. Funny story: I was listening to some OCRemix tunes, and one of them was a remix from Ninja Gaiden. Never having played the game, I kept misreading it as "Ninja Garden." I mused aloud on this, and Drew and I began wondering what a Ninja Garden was. Obviously, it's a plot of land in which all of the kitschy garden gnomes have been ganked from behind by garden ninjas. Drew registered the domain name about 15 minutes later. Go check out the auction!