Guest Art from Kevin Wasden

Kevin Wasden and I got to hang out together at LTUE XXV, and he did a great sketch of Tagon. Naturally I wanted to extend a personal invitation to him to provide some guest art for the next Schlock book.

He was excited to participate.


I've gotten a lot of good artwork (and, naturally, I've gotten a lot of stuff I can't use.) In some cases work that is good enough to use will get crowded out of the project by work that is too good to NOT use.

If everything I get could be as good as what Kevin Wasden sent me, I would have to make the book about 20 pages longer. Which reminds me... if you're looking for a book that is 100% full of artwork as good as what Kevin Wasden sent me, you'll probably have to go have a look at Technosaurs by Kevin Wasden.

Back on the topic of Schlock pagination, Steve Troop is again handling layout on the book. He tells me that the 518 days of included Schlock are now laid into 224 pages. By the time we get the bonus story and all the extras into place it'll easily fill the 240 pages I got my quote for.

This means it might be bigger than what I budgeted for. That's okay. Content is driving the length of the book, not the other way around.