Happy Hallowe'en! Scary Auction Below!

I've got a fat stack of original artwork waiting for the auction block. These are pieces that got used to fill the white-space in Under New Management and The Blackness Between. Sandra and I have been so busy lately we've been forgetting that some of you are interested in buying this stuff.

I can't think of a better piece to auction today than the candid portrait of Jevee Ceeta that appears on page 78 of The Blackness Between. The auction is right here.

Jevee Ceeta, Page 78

I say "candid portrait." I'm pretty sure that if she knew somebody was taking her picture at the time, she'd have been just a little busier with that knife. So, Happy Hallowe'en. May your sleep be long, uninterrupted, and dreamless... like death, only shorter.