Happy Thanksgiving!

I'll be spending the holiday weekend in front of my computer as little as possible. I'm having dinner at my sister's place in the hills to the east, and plan to play games with the kids, read, and paint for most of the rest of the weekend. Through it all I'm busy being thankful for all you readers who make this possible. Somehow you and I stumbled into an arrangement where I do what I would have been doing ANYWAY (drawing funny pictures to illustrate funny stories) and you pay me to do it. Better yet, this "job" allows me to spend far, far more time with my family than I was ever able to in higher-paying gigs. I don't need a special day set aside to remind me to be thankful for the blessings I enjoy, nor to say thanks to those to whom I'm so deeply indebted, but it's sure nice to have the reminder. Oh, and pies. It's nice to have pies, too. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!