He's Not a Serial Killer, But He Is Mr. Monster

I'm going to spare myself the headache of a full convention report and cut to the chase: LTUE was better this year than at any other year I've attended, and promises to be better still next year. Also, I came home with a book. Mr. MonsterToday, languishing from a heady mix of emotions, that bitter cup known as "Post-Con Funk" (not to be confused with "Con Funk" -- the former is a mild depression,  the latter a not-so-mild odor) I decided to stay in and read the book I came home with. I originally had it in my mind to go out and see a movie, but my brother Randy twittered rather negatively about Percy and the Lightning Whatsit, and the crowds scared me away from The Wolfman. Crowds, you see, are something I like to avoid when I'm post-conning. But I digress. I decided to read the book I got. It's a pre-release copy of Mr. Monster by Dan Wells, which is coming out in the UK shortly. It's the sequel to I Am Not a Serial Killer, which is already out in the UK, and which hits shelves on this side of the pond on March 30th. And now, with a full three paragraphs of setup, here is my one sentence review:

This book is even better than the first one, which was stunningly good, and although I know Mr. Monster to be the second book in a trilogy, I'm happy to announce that it doesn't suffer from "middle book" issues.
There you go, everybody:  Mr. Monster, available soon in the UK. Incidentally, I feel much safer around Dan than I feel around myself. His demons seem very securely chained. But that's probably more than you need to know. Oh, and I do plan to see both Percy Jackson and The Wolfman soon. I'll let you know how they stack up.