I think that "hiccough" is the original, non-intuitive spelling of the word we all pronounce as "hiccup." And my server had one last night. Maybe it's wrong to call it a hiccough, or even a hiccup. After all, when humans have involuntary diaphragm spasms they usually don't forget to do important things that are on their schedules, like post the next day's comic. They just gripe about how this always happens when they eat too fast, then get on with whatever else they were supposed to be doing. Anyway, the day's comic is up, and people who know more about the server than I do are looking closely at the diaphragm, and checking to see if perhaps it has been eating too quickly. I suspect cyberalzheimer's, or perhaps CRONic Fatigue Syndrome, but I'm no expert. I'd just kick the darn thing in the hex-nuts and then tell it to turn its head and hiccough.