Shopping at Amazon and at the Schlock Store

Our family's two biggest sources of revenue are Schlock Mercenary merchandise and ads on the website*. We make more from merchandise we sell directly, obviously, but we also depend on those advertisers who desperately want you to buy things from them, and who are willing to pay us for the privilege of connecting them with you via banners and things.

During the holiday shopping season more than half of our ad revenue comes from Amazon. If you shop at Amazon by following any link I've provided on this site (like that one, which links to their electronics category), between 5% and 8% of your purchase price is paid to us. That may not seem like a big deal on a $10 book, but it adds up. Also, every so often somebody will buy a new entertainment center or riding mower or some such, and that affiliate commission adds up a lot faster.

A final reminder:  If you want Schlock Mercenary merchandise delivered before Christmas, please make your purchase this week! Sandra needs time to assemble your orders, and the United States Postal Service needs time to deliver them (if you're hoping for Christmas delivery outside the United States, I'm afraid that ship has already sailed.)

*Note: I need to write up a full page description of how advertisers and I interact, and how you can most usefully provide feedback about ads that are doing things ads should not do. For now, if you've got a comment or a question about a particular ad, grab a screenshot and a URL and email that information to We accept money from advertisers, but we have not sold our souls to them. We'll kill bad ads, but need your help to do it.