HoTay Yologast: I'm coming to North Carolina next week!

The very first of my public appearances this year promises to be the most intimate, the least expensive, and the most fun. It's Hotay Yologast in Matthews, NC, on Friday and Saturday, January 18th and 19th. Wondering where the word came from? It's the grab-the-first-syllable version of "Howard Tayler at Your Local Game Store." 

My good friends Timothy and Rebecca recently opened a game store in Matthews, North Carolina. They're flying me out for a Friday and Saturday of role-playing, war-gaming, signing, and probably a lot of other gerunds. Admission is free. Free! I'll have merchandise on hand, including some calendars, books, and some brand new stuff. As always, I'm happy to sketch in and sign any of my books you happen to already have.  

I'll post more as we approach the event. We might not have the whole weekend scheduled to the minute, but we well make sure that a few key things are locked down.