Howard at Your Convention

Howard's schedule for a year is usually set in the fall of the year prior. *The 2010 schedule is full* If you wish to schedule Howard for a convention in 2011 or after, please email schlockmercenary at The following information is for reference when inviting Howard to be a guest at your convention: Howard enjoys conventions and works hard to make sure the attendees are happy he came. He wants the convention committee to get their money's worth, and then some. This page is for convention organizers and guest liaisons who want to know how to get Howard to their convention, and how to keep him happy. It may also serve to let convention attendees know what to expect from Howard if he is coming to town. Expenses Here's what the convention needs to provide if Howard is being invited as a guest:
  • * Airfare (from SLC international, which is a Delta hub)
  • * Transportation from the airport to the convention and back
  • * Hotel room (single Queen bed, non-smoking)
  • * Two meals per day
  • *A place to sit down and draw stuff -- someplace where people can find Howard.
  • * A dealer who is willing to sell merchandise on commission. (In a pinch, Howard can sell from his table, but an arrangement with a dealer is much preferred.)
Programming Howard can talk about almost anything at length. He likes to be on panels, he likes to moderate discussions, and he loves to talk about Schlock Mercenary. With that in mind:
  • * No fewer than 2 panels per day. Yes, FEWER. He likes to talk!
  • * No more than 12 panels total for a three-day event.
  • * No more than 6 panels on any one day.
  • * One "Guest of Honor" panel where Howard gets to talk about whatever he wants
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:
  • * How to write humor
  • * How to draw
  • * How to be a good game-master
  • * How to make a living as an artist
  • * How to run a business
  • * World-building
  • * Writing believable characters
Publicity Howard is happy to help promote conventions where he is an invited guest, but to do that he needs the following:
  • * Your convention's official website address
  • * A link to the event schedule at least a week before the convention starts
  • * A listing with Howard's name on it somewhere on your convention's website
  • * A listing with Howard's name on it somewhere in your convention's program booklet
Howard is willing to provide:
  • * High-resolution artwork for the program book (including original cover art, depending on available time)
  • * web-resolution artwork for your website (including Schlock-themed buttons or banner ads)
  • * Advertising space at during the month prior to your convention (typically at least two plugs in the blog under the comic and a convention report after the fact.)
  • *A short bio you can use on your website and printed programming materials
  • *High- and web-resolution headshots you can use on your website and printed programming materials.
If you have any further questions, or need clarifications, please email schlockmercenary at