Howard Interviewed at Tall Tales Radio

Tall Tales RadioOkay, podcast junkies... here's another audio interview, this time with Tom Racine of Tall Tales Radio. Tom has interviewed me before, and I like talking with him. I think the interview went well, but to be quite honest I can't remember what I said. But I had fun! I'm downloading this to my iPod now, and will listen to it later today while I work. Yes, this is a symptom of me loving the sound of my own voice...

UPDATE! I've listened to it, and I said lots of clever and important things. The sound of my voice is not soothing, though. It's more like talking to me on the cell-phone, which isn't surprising since that's how Tom was talking to me.

Also, there's a new piece of XDM artwork over there for you to admire. Go look!