Howard is at Balticon

Pre-orders remain open. As of this writing there are 230 numbered sketch editions of Schlock Mercenary: Resident Mad Scientist left. That takes into account the twelve I'm bringing with me to Balticon this weekend, so I suppose there are actually 242 left. If historical results are at all predictive, we'll run out of sketch editions online sometime on Saturday.

The books at Balticon are numbered 002 through 013, and are sold and sketched on a first-come, first-served basis beginning Friday when the Dealers' Room opens. If I run out (and I can't imagine NOT running out) then as a consolation prize I'll sketch on anything you buy. From any vendor. (Yes, I am secretly hoping to be able to sign your corset.)

My Balticon schedule is available as a public Google Calendar.  You don't have edit rights (it's not quite THAT public) but you can bookmark it and use it to find me this weekend, or (for instance) at GenCon or WorldCon later this year. You can also catch up with me by following the Howard Tayler Twitter Feed. You don't need to be a Twitter user yourself to do this, but if you are a Twitterer (hello, fellow tweep!)  we'll be using the tag #baltischlock to arrange a "meet & tweet," or "tweetup," or whatever it is you call it when you get together in real life with the people you've been stalking on the internet.

(Okay, perhaps there are lots of other things you can call it, starting with "felony assault," but we're hoping to avoid any unpleasantness.)

And now I need to stop blogging and go to the airport. I hope to see you in Baltimore!