Introducing Howard Tayler... DOT COM

I know, I know... dot-coms are so "turn-of-the-century," so "last decade." 

Trends and missed boats notwithstanding, is a thing now. It's the hub for all the stuff I do. It's like putting all of my eggs in one basket, only without the actual risk associated with dropping the basket.

The blog here under Schlock Mercenary will still feature my movie reviews, important announcements, and assorted posts I think readers of the comic will enjoy. Howard Tayler dot com will have all kinds of stuff on it, including everything I post here, and feeds from the comic, from Writing Excuses, and probably other stuff. Recently I posted a single panel Sherlock Holmes comic, and an attempt to write horoscopes

Should you feel inclined to subscribe, you can use with whatever RSS aggregator you currently use. 

You can also subscribe to just my reviews using, which will ensure that you don't actually have to check the comic in order to discover my critically important opinions on a particular film.

This site,, will be getting an architectural overhaul soon, and that may change the way its own RSS feed works. We'll try not to break anything, but if there is an omelette to be made, we'll let you know where to find new eggs before we break all of the old ones. Does that satisfactorily tie into the eggs-in-one-basket metaphor?