Howard the Hornblower

I'm pleased. I got some good press today, and I got it in a couple of places. First, the Webcomics Examiner Advisory board picked Schlock Mercenary as one of the "best of the best" for 2005. The full list is here, but you'll have to scroll down a bit before you find a couple of familiar (to Schlockers) characters. And if you have no idea who these Webcomics Examiner people are, you're not alone. I didn't know about them either until the WebSnark mentioned this article. Second, the local paper covered the Toys for Tots event at Dragon's Keep in this article, which features a picture of the top of my head. Talk about some GREAT photojournalism. I'm pleased because the Keep got great coverage, and I got great coverage, but I feel bad because, you know, there were four other comics creators there, and they got mentioned not at all. So... By way of evening the score a bit, the other folks at the Keep that day were Bill Galvan and Nathan Shumate, artist and writer respectively for Thunderbird, and Derek and Rachel Hunter writer/artist and colorist respectively for Pirate Club. They can all take heart in the fact that while The Deseret News Online has far more readers than Schlock Mercenary, we have the same Google Rank, and MY plugs include actual LINKS. Mainstream media still doesn't understand the 21st century.