Howard's 2010 Appearance Schedule

True to form, we have already filled out the event calendar for 2010 before 2009 is even over.  The process of deciding what events Howard will attend and which Howard must skip is not a simple one.  Each event has to be evaluated against both our book release schedule and the family schedule to make sure that we don't drive ourselves crazy trying to manage too many things simultaneously.  This means that Howard will only be traveling to a limited number of conventions during the next year.  We want to let you know now what they are so that you can plan ahead if you want to meet Howard in person. February 11-13: LTUE, Provo, Utah  -- This is the annual Life The Universe and Everything Science Fiction symposium held on BYU campus.  Howard will be attending and presenting all three days.  Sandra's attendance will be more abbreviated, but she'll be there as well.  This event is FREE to anyone who walks in and asks for a badge.  Other notable guests include Brandon Sanderson and ILM wizard Marty Brenneis.  Frequent participants include David Farland, L. E. Modesitt, Jessica Day George, Julie Wright, James Dashner, Steven Keele, Jessica Douglas, and many more.  This event is packed with writing and artistic advice.  It is well worth the trip to attend.  (Note this is a symposium, not a convention.  Costumes are not allowed on campus.) April 30-May 2: Penguicon, Troy, Michigan -- This event has long been one of Howard's favorite conventions to attend.  He is pleased to return this year as an Artist Guest of Honor.  Other GOHs include Spider Robinson and Karl Schroeder.  Penguicon combines the best of Sci Fi/ Fantasy Fandom and Linux Geekery.  Regular features are ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, sword play demonstrations by Aegis Consulting, and the amazing Chaos Machine. May 28-30: Conduit, Salt Lake City, Utah -- This is Utah's annual Science Fiction and Fantasy convention.  In 2010 the convention has chosen a pirate theme guaranteed to inspire some amazing costumes both for the masquerade and in the halls.  The GOHs are Barbara Hambly, Kevin Wasden, and Kathy Mar, with special Ghost of Honor Ken Rand, whom all the locals miss greatly.  Howard will be on programming all three days along with the amazing local community including, but not limited to Brandon Sanderson, David Farland, L. E. Modesitt, Jessica Day George, Julie Wright, James Dashner, Paul Genesse, Jessica Douglas, Dan Willis, and Bob Defendi. August 5-8: GenCon Indy, Indianapolis, Indiana --  Howard intends to reprise his attendance at GenCon in 2010.  He'll have a table where he will hang out with Tracy Hickman and Curtis Hickman.  There will be yet another action packed Killer Breakfast event and a good time will be had by all.  There will also be acres of dealer's room floor, non-stop gaming, and all the other cool events one expects from GenCon. September 3-6: Dragon Con, Atlanta, Georgia --  This one is tentative, but we're going to mention it anyway.  There is a possibility that Howard will be attending Dragon Con next year. There will be more specific scheduling details available for each of these events as they draw closer.  Some of them may include non-convention related Schlocker meet-ups, or book launch parties.  If an event is not listed, then Howard will not be attending.  If you want Howard at a convention near you, contact your local con and tell them to book him for 2011, because next year is already full.