Howard's LTUE Schedule

As promised here are the details of Howard's LTUE presentation schedule Thursday Feb 11 1:00 PM: Talking art Howard Tayler, Nathan Hale and Bryan Beus will talk about art. Pretty straightforward, right?Bring your questions to ask these two excellent artists (and Howard.) 2:00 PM: The Howard and Bob Show When Bob suggested to Charlie that he wanted to be on a panel with Howard for a reprise of "The Howard and Bob Show," Charlie took him a bit too literally. Howard Tayler and Bob Defendi promise to be both entertaining and educational. Beyond that, all bets are off. 6:00 PM: Drawing Wizards Join Nathan Hale, Brian Hailes, Sarah Seiter, Howard Tayler, and Bobbie Berendson as they discuss and demonstrate a bit of wizardry. Drawing wizards goes way beyond the pointy hats, folks. Friday Feb 12 9:00 AM: How to become an idea factory: Where to get ideas and how to go from idea to story. Clint Johnson, Larry Correia, James Dashner, Brandon Sanderson, Karen Hoover, and Howard Tayler discuss that most curious commodity, the authorial idea. 7:00 PM: Writing Comics and Webcomics Learn the particulars of writing for comics with professionals from both the traditional comic book arena and the world of webcomics: Jake Black, Brian Hailes, Howard Tayler, and Emily Sorensen Saturday Feb 13 9:00 AM: The Future of the Art of Comics Join this panel of comic creators as they attempt to scry tomorrow's comic art from the entrails of today's Wacom tablets, Cintiq monitors, and inexpensive color printing (among other things.)  Emily Sorensen, Brian Hailes, Jake Black, Howard Tayler. (Note: No actual Cintiq entrails will be present.) 1:00 PM: Signing 4:00 PM: Writing Excuses Panel and Podcast Recording Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, and Howard Tayler discuss their podcast and record an episode, perhaps with the help of a guest author or two. 5:00 PM: Making a Living as an Artist (2 hours) This one has a huge list of panelists with a wide variety of experience as working artists. If you're looking to find work (or make your own) in this field, this panel is a must see. Steven Keele, Kevin Keele, Joshua Keele, Brian Hailes, Jessica Douglas, Sarah Seiter, Nathan Hale, Howard Tayler, Brian Beus, and Sandra Tayler. And by the end of all that, Howard will be tired. But not too tired to take a Sharpie marker to the inside of your book.