Howard's Travel Schedule

Posted by Sandra Tayler Howard will be attending two major conventions in the month of August.  We do not have all the schedule details yet, but we want to let you know that he'll be attending so that you can make your travel plans accordingly. Anticipation (Worldcon 67) in Montreal Canada August 6-9.  Howard will be attending the convention and appearing on many panels.  I will be attending too, but not on panels.  This will also be the site for the Hugo Award announcement.  Important:  We will not have a dealer table at this event and have not been able to arrange for another dealer to sell our books.  We can't bring piles of books with us through customs.  If you want books signed and sketched by Howard, you will need to buy them in advance.  We are looking into arranging a Schlocker meet and greet that is separate from the convention.  It will probably be on Friday August 7 but exact time and location are yet to be determined.  Montreal locals are invited to speak up in the comment thread with ideas and suggestions. GenCon Indy in Indianapolis August 12-16.  We will post Howard's full schedule at a later date.  He will be on many panels and presentations.  When he is not presenting, he will be at booth 1921 signing books like crazy.  This booth is located on the main aisle right across from the big Wizards of the Coast booth.  This is the Margaret Weiss Games booth which will be selling both XDM X-Treme Dungeon Mastery and all of the Schlock Mercenary books.  We'd dearly love to sell out and not have to ship any books home, so stop by early. Howard will NOT be at Comic Con San Diego this year.   With Worldcon and GenCon back-to-back, another event was one event too many.  Howard is sad to miss it, but happy to retain some shreds of sanity.