Howard's Updated 2010 Appearance Schedule

Last October we announced the Howard Tayler 2010 Appearance Schedule. A few things have changed since then, so it is time to post the new, improved, and updated Howard Tayler 2010 Appearance Schedule. February 11-13: LTUE, Provo, Utah -- This is next week and it is currently the only event Howard is scheduled to attend in Utah. The annual Life The Universe and Everything  Symposium is held on BYU campus. Howard will be attending and presenting all three days. (We'll be posting a detailed presentation schedule early next week.) Sandra will also be attending and presenting. Her presentation schedule can be found here. LTUE event is FREE to anyone who walks in and asks for a badge. Other notable guests include Brandon Sanderson and ILM wizard Marty Brenneis. LTUE is always packed with excellent writing and artistic advice. It is well worth the trip to attend. (Note this is a symposium, not a convention. Costumes are not allowed on campus.) April 30-May 2: Penguicon, Troy, Michigan -- This event has long been one of Howard's favorite conventions to attend. He is pleased to return this year as an Artist Guest of Honor. Other GOHs include Spider Robinson and Karl Schroeder. Penguicon combines the best of Sci Fi/ Fantasy Fandom and Linux Geekery. Regular features are ice cream made with liquid nitrogen, sword play demonstrations by Aegis Consulting, and the amazing Chaos Machine. Sandra will be attending with Howard. May 28-31: Balticon, Baltimore, MD. Howard was delighted to receive an invitation to be a guest of this long running convention. This will be Howard's one event on the East Coast for 2010. Other guests will include Tanya Huff, Dr. Thomas Holtz Jr., and a host of other excellent panelists and presenters. Howard has not had the privilege to attend this event before, but he expects to have a marvelous time. August 5-8: GenCon Indy, Indianapolis, Indiana -- Howard intends to reprise his attendance at GenCon in 2010. He'll have a table where he will hang out with Tracy Hickman and Curtis Hickman. There will be yet another action packed Killer Breakfast event and a good time will be had by all. There will also be acres of dealer's room floor, non-stop gaming, and all the other cool events one expects from GenCon. The arrangements for DragonCon have fallen through, making an appearance there extremely unlikely. Howard has his eye on AussieCon in Melbourne, Australia, but the travel expenses involved make that event extremely tentative as well. There will be more specific scheduling details available for each of these events as they draw closer. Some of them may include non-convention related Schlocker meet-ups, or book launch parties. If an event is not listed, then it's safe to say that you won't find Howard there. If you want him at a convention near you, contact your local con and tell them to book him for 2011. Book early, we expect his 2011 calendar to fill up by October.