Hugo Nomination Season is Upon Us

Hugo nominations are now open to all members of the World Science Fiction Convention. If there are works or people you'd like to see appear on the ballot, you have from now until March 14th to cast it. If you're not attending WorldCon but want to nominate things and vote, a voting membership can be purchased here for $50, but you need to do that by January 31st. Full details are here.

Here's a short list of the things I did in 2013 which are eligible for nomination:

No, Schlock Mercenary isn't eligible this year. There's a little-known clause that says after works in a series have been nominated five years running HAH! -- No there's no such clause. Broken Wind didn't finish in 2013. It'll be eligible in 2014.

You may be looking for other graphic stories to nominate (you should be looking for those ANYWAY since you can nominate up to five entries in each category) so here are some eligible titles for your consideration:

Of course, by "consideration" I mean "you should read these!" Nominating them is fine, assuming you've read them and find them worthy of that slot on your ballot, but if there's one thing the creative professional craves more than a ballot slot it's an audience. 

Thank you, incidentally, for being a part of mine.